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Live cam of a Blue Heron Nest

I love this stuff.  Last year I remember watching live cam of an owl house…


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Spring already?

Time really does fly…

Lots of living in the real world has resulted in no blog living.  For whatever reason I’ve suffered from an inability or lack of interest in jotting things down here.  I know at least part of the reason…hello springtime allergies in MARCH.  (So wrong, these pollen filled hot march days).  What is even weirder now is that when it sort of became seasonal temperatures I’ve felt cold.  What the hell?  Am I 90 or something?  Oy.  The other reason is apparently I’ve been sick for awhile and didn’t really realize it.  I’ve been walking around with an ear infection and an eye infection.  Go me.  And now I pay the price for relief through antibiotics (both pills and eye drops) by having some not so fun though ultimately harmless side effects.  Oh, and I can’t wear my contacts until the drops are done.  Wearing eyeglasses all the time is really freaking irritating.

So hopefully I’ll be adding coherent updates of what has been cooking by me this week.  Let’s play catch up!

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Guardian Angels

I have a total sewing crush on Sandra Monat.  That woman makes soft toys in a style I love…a style I wish I thought of first in a way…LOL.  Last year I finally bought one of her one of a kind vikings.  I’ll share a pic of him soon (so so cute!)

She does other softies as well including guardian angels.  The pattern was published in a book of softie patterns so naturally I bought it and had to make some for my godchildren.  The last two are below.

Guardian Angels

I miss them already.  I need to make me one.

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Yummy AND Pretty


I was making myself some breakfast the other day (organic french vanilla yogurt with cut up fruit…YUM!) and was struck at the simple beauty of the cut off tops of the strawberries.  They kind of look like flowers.

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