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And in a situation that should surprise no one, the pavlova sew along has been going on for five days and I have just laundered the fabric for the wrap shirt and will begin cutting it out today.  Go me. wah wah…  Hopefully I can get the shirt pieces cut during my 1 hour lunch…that will leave cutting the skirt for tomorrow.

I suppose I should show my fabric choices to those of you who don’t frequent the sew along page.
pavlova fabrics

My apologies for the extreme blur factor.  I swear it looked clear on my camera screen. Yikes.  Anyway, that’s Alexander Henry 2010 ‘larkspur’  for the skirt, cotton voile for the skirt lining, and some pink and black jersey for two wrap tops.

I was so excited to finally use the larkspur fabric.  I can’t tell you how much I love it and it makes me so happy.  Now that it’s coming time to actually cut it up and use it I’m dreading it.  Part of me would like to have this fabric pure and ‘unspoiled’ forever.  The other part wants a wild and crazy happy bird print circle skirt.  I had no idea I had a fabric collector side to my personality.  I suppose it goes with the ‘souvenir yarn’ part.  Well, it’s probably the same part.  How deep is my crazy? 🙂


So I would have had all my shirt pieces cut…if not for realizing I never measured the front waist length.  And so, now I get to go home, measure my front waist length and determine whether or not I need to alter the pattern piece and cut it out tomorrow instead.  pfft.  so much for starting the sewing tonight.  Unless I move the 2 cats and dog out of the living room to cut the the pieces out on the floor. lol.


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