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So, you may have seen the latest pattern by By Hand London…the Anna Dress.  I am in such deep smit I ordered it the minute I saw the post online.  Now I’m checking my mail  every day waiting for it, even though I know it couldn’t possibly be here yet.  Oh, the wanting.

But do you think any of the super fast sewists out there and/or the pattern testers could post about it so I can dream and live vicariously through others until I get a chance to make it?



(Just kidding, lol)

I have plenty to keep me busy sewing-wise, if I’d just sit down and finish what I started already.  But for realz…it is too damned hot.  I get absolutely heat stupid when the temps are over 90F.  I’m a winter baby.

An example of my heat stupidity white making my larkspur elisalex with a gathered skirt:

I sewed the bodice shell pieces all together and the lining and THEN  sewed the lining and shell together and wondered why I couldn’t turn it right-side out.  DERF.  So very much unstitching had to be done…AND THEN, while unstitching I accidentally ripped out the wrong seam and unsewed one of the bodice side pieces completely and had to sew it back on.  DOUBLE DERF.

I need some Autumn up in this piece.

I totally get where this girl is coming from ROFL:


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Where the hell is the time going?  This is the slowest week EVER and yet it is already the end of March.  WTF?  Like 10 minutes ago the pavlova sewalong started and it’s already over.  And, SURPRISE!, I have not stitched one piece of fabric for it.  ::Heavy sigh::…

I suppose I was doomed to failure from the beginning.  Firstly, I suck mop with deadlines.  Secondly, I didn’t buy material for the top and receive it until the sew along already started (and oh, pretreating my fabric when I live with no washer of my own is ANNOYING (pronounced annoyinGUH) ).  And I was all set to do the skirt first while my fusible webbing tape and horsehair braid arrived (which didn’t get here until the sew along was over)…and then pfft!  March madness, dog had surgery, the 9 to 5 job crazy long commute home, and The Beloved building a flying machine at the kitchen table…which is where I sew.  So,  though I had a majority of the top cut out during the sew along I didn’t actually sew any of it together.  Wah wah.

I’m hoping to do some of it this weekend.  Sunday, is a bust because of Easter…but hopefully Saturday I will make progress.  That is unless the weather is good for flying the newly made flying machine. lol.

I really want to get going on sewing up some garments…the pavlova separates obviously are top on the list and ready for sewing, I have a ‘wearable muslin’ cut out for tiramisu waiting to be sewn up, a muslin for the elisalex bodice, and fabric to prewash for an elisalex dress and two fabrics to prewash for a reversalex.  Wait until I show you those.  One is going to pretty much be a copy of the elisalex that Roisin did (the post id March 15th…and I have super duper undying love for it I tell you!) and the other is just going to be two sided AWESOMENESS yet to be revealed. lol.

And then there’s the list of non-clothing related items waiting to be made: two more cat blankets to sew (one of three down woot!), a curtain panel to make, tiramisu and pavlova pattern bag kits, hemming the livingroom curtains (I don’t actually want to do this but they kind of need it according to The Beloved) and making a curtain for the kitchen window.

Would it be wrong to bring my sewing machine to work? 😉

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And in a situation that should surprise no one, the pavlova sew along has been going on for five days and I have just laundered the fabric for the wrap shirt and will begin cutting it out today.  Go me. wah wah…  Hopefully I can get the shirt pieces cut during my 1 hour lunch…that will leave cutting the skirt for tomorrow.

I suppose I should show my fabric choices to those of you who don’t frequent the sew along page.
pavlova fabrics

My apologies for the extreme blur factor.  I swear it looked clear on my camera screen. Yikes.  Anyway, that’s Alexander Henry 2010 ‘larkspur’  for the skirt, cotton voile for the skirt lining, and some pink and black jersey for two wrap tops.

I was so excited to finally use the larkspur fabric.  I can’t tell you how much I love it and it makes me so happy.  Now that it’s coming time to actually cut it up and use it I’m dreading it.  Part of me would like to have this fabric pure and ‘unspoiled’ forever.  The other part wants a wild and crazy happy bird print circle skirt.  I had no idea I had a fabric collector side to my personality.  I suppose it goes with the ‘souvenir yarn’ part.  Well, it’s probably the same part.  How deep is my crazy? 🙂


So I would have had all my shirt pieces cut…if not for realizing I never measured the front waist length.  And so, now I get to go home, measure my front waist length and determine whether or not I need to alter the pattern piece and cut it out tomorrow instead.  pfft.  so much for starting the sewing tonight.  Unless I move the 2 cats and dog out of the living room to cut the the pieces out on the floor. lol.

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Patterns and Sewalongs

When I get bored or my mind wanders at work I surf the sewing blogs lately. And because of that I’ve acquired a mess of patterns that I am excited to try. I’ve been spending my lunch hours at work tracing out the pattern pieces in my size so I can eventually start sewing. The conference room has a huge table that is perfect for pattern tracing, laying out and pinning the pieces on the fabric and cutting those suckers out. Only problem is I need a longer lunch hour. lol.

Patterns on my to do list, which should be no surprise to anyone stopping by here because they have been all over the blogosphere are (in no particular order):

  • As well as some retro and accessory patterns from the big 3 (Is that it? you know, mccalls/vogue/butterick)

I missed the sewalong proper for the tiramisu dress, but I have my pieces almost all cut out and will hopefully get to it this weekend..with a forthcoming progress post with pics, provided I charge the darn camera. Also, I traced my elisalex dress pieces because there’s a sewalong coming up for that. BUT, the pavolova separates sewalong starts next week and I kinda want to do that more…because I’m not sure I have the time, space, or brainpower to be doing elisalex and pavlova at the same time as well as having the tiramisu going. OY. Way too much awesome and I’m having an overload!

I am having fun dreaming of all the clothes I want to make in time for summer.  Maybe, just maybe, I will look nice while dressing seasonally appropriate?  Well, provided I find appropriate summer shoes that work with almost everything and don’t break the bank.  That’s been a problem for me for like every summer since I started dressing myself.

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Geranium for Sophia

The second garment I’ve made in 2013 was the Geranium Dress by Made By Rae. I decided to make it as a gift for the Christening of my friend’s baby, Sophia, about a week and a half before the Christening. Not my brightest idea. Including when I figured out I didn’t have enough yardage of anything girly baby dress appropriate in my stash. So I purchased enough yardage of victorian modern in summer bloom pink and butterflies pink from sewmamasew.

Baby Sophia's Geranium Dress

I made the 3-6 month size, with a gathered skirt and the flutter sleeves. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and I would highly recommend it especially if you have girls in your life in need of adorable dresses. I can’t wait to finish the second one in the opposite fabrics for her older sister.

Close up shot

Skills I learned on this project:

Lining the bodice-Pretty self explanatory, and I love the way it looks to have a different fabric peeking out from the inside.

Machine made buttonholes-I’ve had my sewing machine since high school which means I’ve had it about 20 years…and I’ve never used the buttonhole feature on my machine. It only does one type unlike the fancier new machines, but I love it. Can’t wait to use it again on the next geranium dress.

Machine sewn buttons-I had no idea my machine did this. Which is so awesome I can’t even tell you. Sewing buttons back on stuff is going to go so much faster now. LOL

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My first completed sewing project of 2013 was the Emmeline Apron from Sew Liberated.  I had wanted to make it for quite some time and then finally decided to go ahead and do it once I saw that kits were available.  For some reason I thought having to pick my own fabrics and coordinating solid was a little daunting…especially when you’re buying fabric online, which I do pretty often.

This apron is technically my first completed garment/accessory.  I’ve sewn quite a few softies and I made a skirt and a schoolhouse tunic, but neither of those are hemmed yet, and the fitting of the tunic (and prolly fabric choice) is just not greatly flattering on me.  I’m not bummed though, because making it was really fun and I learned a lot.  And every one of these missteps gets me closer to knowing what looks best on me. But that’s for another post.

Anyway, here’s two kinda terrible pics of the finished apron:

Dressy Side

Dressy Side

Workhorse Side

Workhorse Side

I absolutely love this apron and I use it all the time.  Mostly when cooking I keep the darker side out because any dirt, splashes, or stains will show a lot less.  The other side with the pretty little birds I call the ‘Dressy’ side, which I plan on wearing if I ever have company over for a dinner party or something.  Yeah, right.

The pattern was easy to follow and now I want to pick out fabrics and coordinating solids for more aprons, for me and as gifts.  I guess my initial fear is gone. lol.  I might just attempt to sew some as Christmas presents this year.  Maybe.  I might just want to be a selfish sewist though.  Only time will tell and I have big plans.

But back to the pattern…the only ‘trouble’ I had was trying to get the placement of the apron side straps correct.  The strap tops are supposed to match up with the bottom of the solid color on the bodice.  Even though when I pinned it it all mtatched up when I sewed it together they are just a smidge off.  I don’t mind it all that much as a first attempt but I’d like to figure out how it ended up off so the next aprons are right.

Skills I learned on this project:

Making Bias Strips:  Actually pretty easy and weirdly kind of fun in a type A kind of way.  I made double the amount I needed and didn’t realize it so I must have enjoyed myself.

Using Interfacing:  I used what came in the kit which I think was a non-woven fusible type.  It was totally fun to use.

Handfinishing/Hand sewing:  It took forever and I kinda hated doing it…but the results were worth it.  And, I could see loving that part of the process in the future after getting a little more experience doing it.



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