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So, in all the living I’ve been doing outside this blog I have managed to cross off a few things from my list (you can see the full list on the tab above marked ‘A Year of Lovely Things’):

-March Madness pics with The Beloved-

I was introduced to college basketball (and football) by The Beloved.  I had no idea what I was missing.  And last year he introduced me to the fun that is March Madness.  Ultimately my brackets were a mess but I look forward to next year…go MSU!

-Plant an Inside Herb Garden-

Score!  I picked up a kit from Burpee and have started the herb growing process.  No pics yet as pots of dirt aren’t really that interesting…but it is kind of ridiculous how excited I am about it.  Let’s hope I get enough sun for my herbs to grow. 🙂

-Hang with Sam and Sean in NY-

Too long ago now my friend Sam and her husband traveled up to NY and we got to hang out for the weekend. No pics were taken but we had a great time.  I love laughing with good friends.  Oh, and drinking with them.  And playing Settlers of Catan with them.  And apples to apples. 

-Another Home Edition of Chopped with The Beloved-

I’m not sure if any of you have seen the show Chopped on the Food Network.  I am kind of obsessed with it.  And while we were watching it one day I said “wouldn’t it be fun to do that at home?’  And Chopped:Home Edition was born.  It is slightly different than the show, as we don’t have a set up for side by side cooking and a panel of judges.  We trade off as either the secret ingredient buyer/announcer/judge and the chef.  The only pressure is that whatever the chef makes for dinner (as we did entrees) is what we’re having for dinner.  I was chef first. Oy.  It was kind of a disaster.  I am a pretty good cook but I am SLOW and like to have a plan in place and a recipe to follow.  Home chopped will probablt always be hard for me.  My secret ingredients were some kind of steak (I don’t really cook steak like…ever…in life), scallions, orange marmalade, and cottage cheese (with pineapple…EW!  And was also a mistake but I tried to work with it).  So, I ended up making two sauces to accompany the steak.  Wah wah wah…

The Beloved’s turn was much better.  He is faster at chopping and dicing and is incredibly good at thinking on his feet.  I chose pork chops (he is awesome at pork chops), everything pretzels, farmer cheese, and bok choy.  He ended up making a really good dinner.  The bok choy greens were no so good but the topping on the pretzel coated pork chops was great.  It incorporated all the other ingredients and had nuances honey and mustard flavors.  I think he definitely won that round. 🙂



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